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Gift Cards

Creating and managing a successful gift card program can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. ALLCARD works closely with our clients resulting in an effortless program experience. Whether your card needs are big or small, ALLCARD is positioned to fulfill your requests with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and delivery speeds that are unheard of in the Canadian marketplace.

With our industry experience and strategic partnerships, ALLCARD offers a "one stop shop" that affords our customers peace of mind knowing their card program will be handled efficiently, effectively and economically. Our product offerings for in-store gift cards, B2B, B2C and 3rd party retail cards means that whatever card application you wish to explore we'll be able to help you. At ALLCARD we make our customers challenges our own In fact, we welcome them.

Loyalty Cards

Rewarding customers for their brand or product loyalty is a powerful tool for any business. A loyalty card program aids in retaining current customers through incentivization as well as the acquisition of customers based on the perceived value of the program.

A loyalty card also happens to be a great vehicle for the collection of valuable consumer data and analytics. These cards use a simple barcode or magnetic stripe that allows for the capture of all data involved in a transaction. ALLCARD has several product offerings that are designed with loyalty in mind.

To see our latest custom loyalty/member product - the ALLCARD Dual Key Tag piece - please check the Specialty Products page.

Membership Cards

Membership cards are issued to frequent customers for identification, tracking, invoicing and issuing incentives and rewards. Membership cards usually can only be used in the issuers location. These cards are usually numbered and often have encoded magnetic stripe or barcodes for electronic processing of information. Issuers include video stores, health clubs, bulk retailers and photo processors.

Insurance Cards

Insurance cards are most commonly used as identification devices proving insurance coverage. This could be a government issued card presented at the doctor's office or drug benefits card used at the pharmacy to complete the purchase of prescriptions. Insurance companies also issue identification cards to confirm travel insurance coverage.

With the expanding generic drug market many manufacturers have adopted drug card payment assistance programs that reduce the patients cost of the brand name drug to ensure they are receiving the highest quality product from the original formulation.


Plastic cards with long life magnetic stripe are used to operate readers that open electronically controlled door locks providing access control to buildings, floors of buildings or rooms. Cards are also used in conjunction with a reader to provide security to other sensitive devices such as a personal computer or specialized hardware.