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Card Personalization

ALLCARD is equipped to personalize cards of every size and shape through extensive investments in leading edge technology. For high volume and speed our custom manufacturing equipment utilizes DOD (drop on demand) imaging with UV curing. This is extremely cost effective on larger runs when speed and quality are required. Scratch off panels for security PINS, magnetic stripe encoding as well as label affixing can also be applied all in-line with electronic camera verification to ensure that each and every card is working perfectly. At ALLCARD we can also emboss your card with foil tipping and thermal print in colour for your specific requirements. If your card needs to be personalized - we have the means to get it done


ALLCARD can affix cards onto any type, size and shape carrier. From gift cards on display hangers to personalized member cards on personalized letters with electronic verification. We can also take any of your promotional items and affix them to a carrier as well. ALLCARD can also handle any of your particular packaging and shrink wrapping requirements for your own distribution or third party gift card networks

Inserting & Mailing

We are equipped to handle all of your card program mailing needs. We can insert your card/letter into envelopes for mailing with electronic verification if required.