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Gift Card Carriers

Making your product stand out from the competition is easy when working with members of the ALLCARD team. Stock type, colour, thickness, shape - when it come's to promoting your product the sky's the limit.

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From your standard 8.5x11 inch size to custom materials, shapes and sizes - your letterhead is a reflection of your corporate identity and integrity.

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Direct Mail Carriers

Direct Mail Carriers are a fantastic tool to target your product audience - and with our high sped affixing equipment ALLCARD adds extra value to these pieces by gluing a plastic card onto the piece. The card can be a discount, cash offer or free item - all creating additional value for your program.

By using database analytics and targeting - combined with effective pricing Direct Mail Carriers can be the most cost effective way for a company to spend its advertising dollars.


AllCard manages all aspects of card issuance programs including the design and purchase of forms, inserts and mailing envelopes to offer our clients total card fulfillment solution. Look at all the Allcard Services that make the "total card solution" possible!

Specialty Packaging

AllCard has access to many specialty items that relate to our total business. We supply mounted fridge magnets, clear vinyl pouches, neck lanyards, employee badges, badge clips, plastic hotel door signs, rulers and technical charts to name a few. Look at all the Allcard Services that make the "total card solution" possible!